Rani T Jarkas – How to Become a Professional Web Developer

If you have missed the opportunity to attend systematically web develop lessons in collage, but still want to be a professional web developer after graduation, or simply wish to learn some additional skills, here are some advice on how to make it happen.


Coding and programming are the core of professional web development, and it involves a variety of languages regarding front- and back-end development. Before making your decision to become a front-end, back-end or full-stack web developer, you might as well get a taste of everything. But the key is not to spend too much time on each language. You’ll just learn the basics and then move to the next quickly.


After deciding your desired function in web development, you will need to spend some time digging and researching about the most heated and popular languages, as coding and programming sector is evolving much faster than we image.


When everything is ready, the next step is to officially start your learning process. You can refer to professional training institutions, or seeking help from the Internet or professional books. More importantly, your skills should be maximized. A professional differs from a junior developer in a way that a professional web developer is capable of coming up with more than one option for performing the same task.


After you are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to support your future practice, the following thing to do is gathering real experience. You may find it hard to receive offers from companies at the beginning, but you can accumulate your work collection through other ways. For example, you can work for your friends/family or charity and non-profit projects as a start. Open source project is also a good option to establish your credibility.


At this step, you’ve got all the elements required to become a professional web developer. However, you shall never stop learning as the web development is nothing like the traditional or conventional skills. You will find it constantly changing. Therefore, keep enriching your knowledge base is also another important facet to stay professional.


As a professional web developer myself who has been devoted to this area for years, I’m always hoping to see more fresh forces pumping into this exciting digital world. To learn more, do visit Rani T Jarkas.


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