Rani T Jarkas – Build Robust and Scalable Websites

A well-designed website plays an important role to build up the company’s image and reputation apart from delivering information and serving the users. Building a robust and scalable website is the foundation to further construct modern website with ability to grow modules and functions.

Rani T Jarkas said that a scalable website means every application or piece of infrastructure in a system can be expanded when the load increases.To be more understandable, let’s suppose your web application gets exposed on a popular website and the traffic directed to your website increases all of a sudden. Then the key question here is whether your website infrastructure is able to handle such great amount of traffic?

Here is the moment when scalable web applications standout. They ensures that it can scale up to avoid crash. Crashing pages are definitely the last thing you would like to see when faced with extra traffic.

In other words, a company shall always be prepared for a continuing increase of users and load so that, as it occurs, the correct scaling architecture is in place.

So what should be considered before any design architecture is created?

The first will be the availability. For a website with constant and considerable traffic, even a short period of website failure will result in potential loss of revenue. Rani T Jarkas said that a website shall be able to perform quick recovery of system in times of failures or interruptions.

Second, any website designer should bear in mind of the site’s performance. A good and stable website must be user friendly and can respond quickly.

In addition, after the website is fully in production and handed over to the company, the key rule is that it must be easy to operate, maintain,update and detect problems.

All in all, Rani T Jarkas believed that finding the right website developer is the most important part in this.A good website developer must be able to understand and meet your needs and requirements.

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