Rani T Jarkas – Challenges Faced by a Web Designer

As the web designing landscape is becoming more and more competitive, a web designer shall stay current with the latest technologies and development in order to be competent and able to meet various requirements from the broad clients. And the major challenges faced by a web designer are listed as follows.

First, the rapidly advancing web designing industry itself has without doubt imposed great challenges towards the web designers. The gap between different generations of technologies is shortening unexpectedly fast. And a qualified web designer shall renew his/her knowledge base regularly.

An easy example is the development of web layout. After the concept of responsive web was first brought up by the well-known web page designer Ethan Marcotte in 2010, it took only a few years to gain world-wide popularity and evolve a standard industrial practice.

In other words, a web designer may find himself/herself always in the process of learning new skills even though he/she might have graduated for a long time.

Apart from the ever-advancing web designing industry, another major challenge is probably from the vast clients.

As the internet has become an inseparable part to grow a business, the clients themselves have now more ideas and thoughts on how they would build the web. And more importantly, the requirements are both detailed and varied.

Therefore, a good web designer shall be able to respond to the requirements from different clients. And there is such a thing as a standard answer to all of them. What the clients want is a customized solution that can perfectly address every detailed need.

The future of web design could somehow be pictured or beyond imagination. However, if a web designer is able to progress along with the industrial trend, while at the same time is responsive to client needs, one will always find his/her position in the sector.

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