Rani Tarek Jarkas – Essential Tips to Learn Full-Stack Web Development

A full-stack web developer is an expert that is skilled in both the front-end and back-end web development. It means a full-stack web developer possesses all the knowledge to create a web site.

Alongside the development of technology skills, full-stack web developer has become one of the most sought-after positions. The advantage of a full-stack web developer is obvious that he/she is familiar with all technologies and knowledge necessary to develop a fully-functional web, while a full-stack web developer could hardly be a master of any particular sector.

In order to become a sophisticated full-stack web developer, he/she must first learn all the programming languages for the coding of both the frontend and backend. This may include a number of various coding and programming like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.

After the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a web is well learned and comprehended, the next step would be working through web development projects from the beginning to the end. And a full-stack web developer could also further refine his/her knowledge during the whole process.

As is mentioned above, a full-stack web developer does not have to be a master of all areas, but shall be familiar with all the technologies and processes.

Sometimes, a full-stack web developer is required to create a web independently using his/her skills. And especially for start-ups, hiring a full-stack web developer might be a cost-effective way. While more frequently, a full-stack web developer could serve as a coordinator and bridge between different processes as he/she is familiar with every step of how to create a functional web.

Therefore, practicing is an essential part to learn full-stack web development. One needs to go through as many projects as possible to refine his knowledge and skills, and to highlight the strengths and differentiate themselves from sector masters. 

Rani Tarek Jarkas advised that “the learning process of a full-stack web developer might be more complicated and time-consuming than becoming a master of any particular area. However, it will pay well as a full-stack web developer is rewarded with more opportunities.”

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