Rani T Jarkas – Know the Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

Web designer and web developer are both responsible for building a website. However, we see many people get confused when using these two terms interchangeably. So do web designers and web developers undertake similar roles and functions? What are the differences between them?


To sum up in a short sentence, a web designer is responsible for the visual or aesthetic job, while a web developer resumes the invisible design of coding and programming. Typical languages used by web developers include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and so on.


To be more specific, almost everything that you see on a web page, including web layout, web graphics design, website structure, navigation ergonomics, website structure, colour, texts, fonts, imagery, etc. are the work of a web designer. The goal of a web designer is to design a web that is visually appealing.


While web developers are more technique-oriented. They are responsible for transforming the design of a web designer into a fully-functional and live website through the use of various tools and languages. This part is usually invisible to the web users, but it is key to the smooth running of any website. Also, a web developer shall make sure that the final product is easy to maintain and quick to resume function once collapse happens after it is handed to the client.


Therefore, you will need a web designer and a web developer in order to create a fully-working and nice-looking website, and it is usually a collaborative process. Sometimes the two functions could be undertaken by the same person, the difference remains. However, as more designers are getting into coding, or with developers expand their knowledge base to web design as well, the line between the two is getting blurred. For more details, visit Rani T Jarkas.


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