Rani Jarkas – Where Do We Get to Know the Basics of Web Designing

Web design is a crucial component of the web development process as it is responsible for the aesthetics of a web page. If you’re interested in web design, I guess you have a creative mind. Web design is about crafting a functional piece of art — but what are the basics of web designing? If you’re wondering where to know about such information, here are a few tips that may be helpful to you.


The history of web designing is merely a few decades, and there already exist many well-written and organized books for beginners. Such materials usually contain all the details about web designing. Theoretically speaking, you could already establish your own website after going through the whole book.


While reading a book takes time, the online world serves as a supplementary channel for you to know the basics of web designing. It could provide a glimpse about the web designing industry from technology level to overall development trend. You can always find the latest innovation or development from online.


Apart from the basic knowledge of web designing, fine arts could influence you greatly as a web designer. Like what I said at the very beginning, web design is about crafting a functional piece of art. Aesthetics is a basic component of web designing as well. For places to find fine arts, the answer could be multifarious, like art shows, museums etc.


In summary, web designing is a creative work supported by computer technologies. Relative technologies could be learned from books, online lessons or instructors. While aesthetics is intangible, the efforts it requires may not be quantifiable. Therefore, you should look outside the web for sources of inspirations sometimes for better ideas and understanding of what web designing is like. To know more, visit Rani Tarek Jarkas.


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