Rani T Jarkas – Responsive Website Design & Custom Web Development Services

Data has shown that “mobile phones and tablets are responsible for 56.74% of global internet usage”. That is to say, more than half of online activities are done on portable devices that vary in screen size. Thus, instead of having a number of designs to fit different web devices, creating an adaptive web page seems to be more efficient and feasible in a time when technology is advancing in an unprecedented speed, said Mr. Rani T Jarkas.

Responsive website design is therefore a smart solution. It has merely had a history of around 10 years, which was first brought up by the well-known web page designer Ethan Marcotte in 2010. However, it has quickly gained massive popularity and become a standard practice to create a consistent, yet tailored, experience across every size of screens—including those yet to be released.

Good website designer holds the concept that the design and development of a web page shall be responsive to the environment of any devices (including the system platform, screen size, etc.). The actual practices usually include three facets, i.e. media queries, fluid grids and flexible visuals.

Responsive website design usually comes together with custom web development services, as the requirements and business orientation of clients vary from each other. Instead of using an existing template or framework, custom web development services are able to better meet the actual needs of clients in details.

Custom web development services cover a range of different services beyond web page design alone, like web applications development, backend website coding, ecommerce business solutions, etc. The website could either be served as an information hub or a comprehensive platform.

Rani T Jarkas concluded that “custom web development services can be a turn-key solution.” That is to say, a client may find a professional service provider, and make clear your requirements. Then a fully-functional website could be shown to the end-users to present the content in a more integrated way.

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