Rani T Jarkas – Web Development Services Built on Latest Technologies

Internet has now been a necessity of our daily life. But have you ever been curious about how may websites do we have now? Some study says that “there are more than 1.8 billion websites thus far”, and there will be even much more coming as expected.

With such stunning data, the technologies of web development services are progressing at a faster pace than ever before, said Rani T Jarkas. And if a website should remain robust in such a strongly competitive digital space, it must understand and then follow closely with the very latest trends in web development, he also commented.

The latest technologies regarding web development services could frequently be seen in many technology-oriented news and reports, including chatbot, AI & machine learning, blockchain, push notifications and so on. Among them, we’d like to pick out AI as an outstanding example here.

AI stands for artificial intelligence. The concept appeared as early as in 1956, but it only steps into a fast trajectory of development in the past few decades. Now we see AI technology deployed in our daily life, so is in web development services.

AI could improve user experience, and make personalized experience available to every end user. AI may help collect and analyse users’ activities and preferences, and report such data to web developers. And in the future, it will be able to identify the user’s identity and then adjust the website according to such users’ past activities and choices.

AI could also potentially streamline the web development process. Current web development service will engage in a lot of languages, coding and programming. A web developer must comprehend at least one or several languages in order to be competent. While with the help of AI, understanding the language or coding themselves may not be compulsory, which could be undertaken by AI, thus the whole process will be greatly simplified.

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