Rani Tarek Jarkas – How to Design a Good Website from Scratch

If you are not a professional web designer but want to build a good website, here’re a few tips that may be helpful to you to start from scratch.


For any individuals, the website creator will be an excellent tool to assist you to build up the framework of your website. As coding and programming requires a lot of education and training, professional tools like Weebly, WordPress, or Google Sites are more appealing to first-time designers.


After choosing your helper, the next step is to map your website. It means that you shall at least have a blueprint of your website in your mind about the style, structure, number of pages, etc.


Following your blueprint, you could then start your designing process. You may want to pay more attention to the details in order to create a nice website. For example, your website shall be consistent in terms of text font, colour tone, themes of images. These are the elements that ensure a nice-looking website.


If you are a first-time designer, keeping your website simple and organized might be an optimal choice. It can make your website look professional and attractive without requiring much work.


After you complete the basic design of your website, you may also use professional tools to turn your site into a responsive website, so it could be browsed on various screens, including mobiles, pads, etc.


Above are only a few tips that may help you with your website designing work, while designing a nice and well-functional website usually requires much more than that. But it could be a good start to build one with some very basic functions.


Or, you can simply hire a good web designer to undertake the task for you. Then the only thing you need to do is to tell your web designer about your requirements and ideas. Visit Rani Tarek Jarkas to learm more!


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